BCBA 資格認証攻略、Board Certified Behavior Analyst


NO.1 Jack, a behavior analyst, is consulting about a student who engages in face slapping. A recent
functional analysis clearly determined that the behavior is maintained by automatic reinforcement. In
the past, reinforcement procedures alone were found to be ineffective. The current intervention
consists of a punishment procedure. pulling the student's hands away from his face contingent on
any attempts to slap and saying, "No!" Jack should.
A. re-do the assessment, add a reinforcement procedure, and plan to eliminate all punishment
B. add a reinforcement procedure that focuses on replacement and/or incompatible behaviors and
move forward with the plan.
C. refer to another behavior analyst who works with punishment only cases.
D. move ahead and collect data on the plan and revise as indicated regularly.
Answer: B

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NO.2 Considering the potential impact of behavioral contrast, what is a likely outcome when there is
an effective program targeting compliance at school when no formal program is implemented at
home? Compliance at home would be predicted to:
A. be more variable.
B. decrease.
C. increase.
D. stay the same.
Answer: B

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NO.3 A client with a history of escape maintained problem behavior begins to throw the puzzle
pieces a few minutes after starting to work on the task. What is the BEST programmatic change for
the behavior analyst to make?
A. Teach the client to request escape using an adaptive behavior.
B. Increase the amount of social praise delivered for successful task completion.
C. Remove the puzzle and implement a time-out procedure.
D. Implement an overcorrection procedure to reduce puzzle piece throwing.
Answer: A

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NO.4 One of the MOST important reasons for writing a precise definition of behavior is that a precise
A. produces greater inter observer agreement and requires less training time for observers.
B. allows for easier and more reliable quantification of temporal locus and temporal extent.
C. makes calibration checks of observers or measurement equipment less necessary.
D. increases the likelihood that the behavior of interest will be reliably detected by observers or
measurement equipment.
Answer: D

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あまりにも多くのIT認定試験と試験に関連する参考書を見ると、頭が痛いと感じていますか。一体どうしたらでしょうか。どのように選択すべきなのかを知らないなら、私は教えてあげます。最近非常に人気があるBACBのBCBA 資格認証攻略を選択できます。この認定試験の資格を取得すれば、あなたは大きなメリットを得ることができます。それに、より効率的に試験の準備をするために、JapanCertのBCBA 資格認証攻略を選択したほうがいいです。それはあなたが試験に合格する最善の方法です。

BCBA 資格認証攻略は毎日24時間オンラインに顧客に対してサービスを提供するアフターサービスはとても良いサイトでございます。最新な情報を1年間に無料にアップデートしております。少ないお金をかかって、一回に合格しましょう。BCBA 資格認証攻略の問題集は最大のお得だね!

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